Current Projects & Events

Seeds for Eco Communities is actively seeking the right piece of land to establish the first pilot community in Ontario. 

In addition to looking for land for a pilot community, we are beginning to develop the various information, tools and resources required to support ecological community-based sustainable living. 

Further details will follow as the land search and other projects progress. 

We welcome ideas on potential opportunities and partnerships for projects and events! 

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Property Search


Location: Anywhere in Ontario, approx. 1-4 hours driving distance from Toronto

Lot Size: 5 - 100+ Acres

Type:  Agricultural/Residential/Recreational/Other 

Price Range: $0 - $500,000

Water: Natural spring and/or water source

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Accepting Volunteers

If you are interested in working in the growing field of the environment, you should consider applying for a volunteer position at Seeds for Eco Communities. 

We are looking for a variety of skill levels and experience so don't hesitate to apply!

The position involves:

  • developing outreach and education materials
  • undertaking research
  • fundraising 
  • eco home design
  • building networks and partnerships 
  • training and mentorship opportunities


Please e-mail our team at, we look forward to hearing from you!

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