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Our Story

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Mission Statement

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Our Goals

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Our Story


Seeds for Eco Communities (SFEC) was founded as an Ontario Non-Profit organization in 2016. Laura Blease started SFEC after battling a rare life threatening health condition which lead her on a quest to help create options for living a healthy and sustainable life, not only for herself but for future generations. It was through this life experience that Laura realized her calling to educate others on how to live more sustainability through the development of eco communities. 

Seeds for Eco Communities is built upon a strong passion for the environment. The people who make up the Board of Directors, Advisory Committee and volunteers for Seeds for Eco Communities have committed to be part of a team to help others live in balance and harmony with the natural environment. By providing tools, resources and advice on the building of eco communities our hope is to make this sustainable living attainable and accessible for all. 

Seeds for Eco Communities believes this balance, respect for one another and respect for the environment, are essential in building successful and healthy communities for future generations.  

What was once a dream is now a reality and we hope you join us on the road to building our pilot eco community and in supporting others to build their own eco communities around the globe!

Mission Statement

Our mission is to share information, tools and confidence with people around the world on how to start living healthy and sustainably through a respectful relationship with the surrounding lands and waters in low/zero impact eco communities

Our Goals

image of green and blue globe inside a green circle


Seeds for Eco Communities principle objective is to help others demonstrate respectful stewardship of the land and water through ecological community-based building practices.  In particular, around the following:  


To participate in projects and programs supporting building and living practices which have little to no negative impacts on the surrounding environment. 


To educate and increase the public’s understanding of the environment and its importance through seminars on stewardship and ecological community-based building practices.

To promote a diversified knowledge of First Nation and Aboriginal traditional and cultural heritage. 


To share information on ecological community-based building practices and available support for ecological community-based building.  


To conduct long term research relating to the environmental, social and economic impacts from ecological community-based buildings and to disseminate the results of such research.  


To liaise with local representatives to ensure activities which take place respect the local territories and government laws and by-laws. 

Seeds for Eco Communities has an established Board of Directors, Advisory Committee and volunteers to help guide the Organization.  We have completed a ten year Strategic Plan and now have in place the Terms of Reference, By-Laws, Financial and Volunteer Policies to guide our efforts   

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